NEW RELEASE: Time’s Adversary

Time's Adversary coverWhen Andrew Vaughan dies in his hospital bed, surrounded by his family, he is a man at total peace with the world . . . until he wakes up again.

Vaughan has been resurrected by Eyelight Industries, a 22nd century megacorporation with no guiding principle except profit. He is offered a second life in an android body, on the condition that he take over as CEO of the company.

In the year 2118, virtually everyone is hooked up to Eyelight, a system that began as a search engine and social network but which now controls almost every aspect of human life. A growing religious organisation called the Church of Sagacity opposes the technology, encouraging its followers to disconnect, to throw off the shackles of digital oppression.

To keep his new life, the new CEO must overthrow the Church. But he keeps hearing the same phrase, over and over again: You are the enemy of Time!

[Time’s Adversary is a standalone novel of 70,000 words. Like all my releases, it is DRM-free. All reviews are appreciated.]

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NEW RELEASE: The King’s Demon

The King's Demon coverEratas Haaman is the second greatest official in the Irganian Kingdom, a feudal planetary system of sixteen worlds ruled over by King Ahazar. The prosperous and stable realm is also home to a community of Nepherites, a race of aliens who live in peace with the indigenous people. But when a tarot-reading session uncovers a terrible prediction, Haaman is placed on a course that will endanger the stability of the entire Kingdom.

[The King’s Demon is a short story of 8,000 words. Like all my releases, it is DRM-free. All reviews are appreciated.]

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